What Is The Author Branding?

Author Branding refers to a pre-recorded video presented by Rev Publish, featuring the Author alongside their special invited guest. In this video, an in-depth conversation takes place that focuses on the author and their book brand. The viewers gain insights into the significance of reading and the positive impact it can have on their lives. This Author Branding video serves as a platform for readers to understand the author's mission, values, and the unique qualities that make their Book and Brand Distinctive and Compelling. Many times this is attended by readers, as well as by other Authors seeking to get more insight.

Platform Building


Author Influencer




Tracy Lee Thomas

In this engaging webinar, Tracy Thomas will delve into the art of author branding, offering practical tips and strategies to help fellow writers create a unique and compelling image. Drawing from his own experiences, Tracy will discuss the importance of authenticity, consistency, and audience engagement, empowering authors to build a strong and recognizable personal brand to become an influencer.

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