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Entrepreneur and Business Guru Tracy Lee Thomas Releases ‘Why Martial arts Can Positively Change Your Life’

‘Are your kids acting up in school? Do they need focus and discipline? In this new ebook, Master Instructor Tracy Lee Thomas shows how martial arts training can positively influence the lives of you, your family and your friends. Martial arts training will help to improve all aspects of your life both mentally and physically, at home and at work.’

Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Your Life is a book is about martial arts and how they can make your life better. It is written by a Master Instructor as a quick read for those seeking martial arts training in their community.

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Integrity Integrity

My fathers actions in life taught me the difference integrity and rules in society. Sometimes one outweighs the other.

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Master Instructor

I knew It I knew it

So often do we hear this phrase of excitement as if being “right” places one on a pedestal or superior being. The humility of mankind serves more purpose then the ego…

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bridge A Habit Can Be Habit Forming

Habits are behaviors which are completely or almost involuntary. These are actions or patterns of behavior that are repeated quite often that it becomes typical of a person, without him or her being aware of it. Positive habits help in making positive decisions and actions. On the other hand, if your habits are destructive and self-limiting, it will not help you move forward in life. Your professional and personal life will be affected because of this. The habits of an entrepreneur and customer can affect a business to a great extent. The success or failure of a business lies greatly in understanding and controlling various habits. Everyone has a bad habit, some are always present and some are drawn out in various circumstances.

Recognizing a bad habit

Your businesses can be affected deeply if you are in the clutches of a bad habit. If you really want to build a new habit, then you should start right from the scratch. Monitor your current habits and patterns and recognize those habits which are not productive for you. Acknowledge that you have a habit that is turning out to be a potentially harmful one and it is high time to get rid of it. Try to analyze and understand the root cause of the habit.

To avoid getting involved in new habits that are bad, you should be conscious of what you do, why you do that, and when you do it. You should also think about the possible outcomes that your actions can have. Write down the habits that you want to develop and those which you want to discard. Look around you, are others perceiving you as having a “bad habit” or an “annoying habit” that you did not see?

Developing good habits

After you recognize new habits that you want to develop, start practicing them one by one. Keep on practicing them regularly and after sometime you will be performing them automatically. Keep a diary to record your progress. The more progress you make in developing good habits, the more encouraged you will be.

Find creative ways to curb a bad habit. If you have the habit of procrastination, then try to build a daily calendar. List your activities of the day in the calendar religiously. Seeing that you do your activities on time will help serve as an encouragement to cut out procrastination.

You should be willing to get rid of old habits. There is no way to get rid of a bad habit, until you really want to. Have the determination to get rid of your bad habits. Follow a routine to change these bad habits into positive habits that will be helpful to you. You can also seek the help of your family members, friends, or even a professional counselor to provide you support in this regard.

Banking on customer habits

Just like your habits, understanding the habits of the customer is also essential for a business to thrive. Knowing customer habits are essential in product designing. By understanding how customer habits are formed, companies can develop a marketing strategy that is based on customer’s engagement and loyalty to the company. The company can sell products which the customers will use regularly. In this way your customers will get hooked to the company and in turn will lead to an increase in the company’s profits.

Article by Tracy Lee Thomas
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Accept yourself for who you are, not what others want you to be.
Stand up and stand out, as you were meant too.
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