About Tracy Lee Thomas Serial entrepreneur, Tracy Lee Thomas began his successful journey at 17, opening his first business in Racine, Wisconsin. After serving in the Gulf War for some years, he came back home and opened a small chain of martial arts schools, followed by a marketing company. Presently, Tracy is the founder of Read More

Tracy’s line of thriving businesses has helped in redirecting the trajectory of his community and earned him the trust of several business owners. His commendable work has qualified him as a reliable business consultant with numerous businesses having him as their consulting retainer. Tracy’s renowned Code V.I.P is the platform where he consults with clients Read More

Tracy Lee Thomas is dedicated to positively impacting his community and lifting struggling entrepreneurs from the quicksand of their business problems. Tracy has dedicated his time to writing books where he presents his wealth of knowledge earned from the devastating fails and exhilarating wins, he encountered in his entrepreneurship journey. Tracy’s business books reveal marketing Read More

TRACY LEE THOMAS IS ON A MISSION TO TRANSFORM BUSINESSES AND IMPACT ENTREPRENEURS THROUGH HIS KEEN BUSINESS EXPERTISE AND PUBLICATIONS.   The business maverick and martial artist remains passionate about being a source of encouragement and hope to business owners Entrepreneurs and businesses are usually swamped with new and reoccurring challenges that threaten their sanity Read More

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Hey, welcome everyone. This is Tracy Thomas with RevTalks, and I’m here to talk to everybody today about some of their websites and some of the different concerns we’ve been having that we’ve been seeing come through emails and text messages and some of the different platforms we have out there. Basically, when it comes Read More