Tracy Lee Thomas: Hey. Welcome, everyone, this is Tracy Thomas and Greg Moody. We’re here with Rev Talks. And we’re going to be going over a couple topics today about influencers and content creators and what the difference is. And I’ll do a little screen sharing here a little bit with everybody. And we’ll see Read More

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Greg Moody: All right. Well, we’re here for Power Up Wednesday Workshop. And I’m Greg Moody. And we got Tracy Thomas here. Tracy Thomas: Hey, sorry about that. I had a little glitch, a frozen screen. Greg Moody: Yeah. We’re getting started with our first one of 2022, and we’re looking forward to seeing everybody. Read More

Tracy Thomas: Hey, welcome everyone. This is Tracy Thomas and Greg Moody here at Rev Talks Podcast, and we’re really super, super excited about our business planning for 2022 and what we’re going to be reaching out to everyone today with. You guys are going to be in for really a good, I don’t want Read More


Safety Is Profitable   Greg Moody:  All right, welcome everybody. This is Greg Moody and Tracy Thomas here. We’re going to be talking about safety in business and how that is profitable for you to be really concerned about making sure you develop safety programs in your business. Tracy Thomas: Yeah. Welcome everyone. And like Read More

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Crisis In Social Media Greg Moody:  All right. We’re live. And thanks for coming everybody. It’s Greg Moody and Tracy Thomas here with the Rev podcast. We’re going to be talking about the crisis in social media and whether Facebook is dead. Tracy Thomas:  It’s going to be awesome. So, we’ve got all these new Read More