Positive Changes book graphic2 Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Your Life

Entrepreneur and Business Guru Tracy Lee Thomas Releases ‘Why Martial arts Can Positively Change Your Life’

‘Are your kids acting up in school? Do they need focus and discipline? In this new ebook, Master Instructor Tracy Lee Thomas shows how martial arts training can positively influence the lives of you, your family and your friends. Martial arts training will help to improve all aspects of your life both mentally and physically, at home and at work.’

Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Your Life is a book is about martial arts and how they can make your life better. It is written by a Master Instructor as a quick read for those seeking martial arts training in their community.

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book graphic G2K 281x300 Go2Karate® Marketing Guide

New Free Go2Karate® Marketing Guide For Martial Artists Looking To Grow Their Business

Are you a martial artist who trains students? Do you own a martial arts training school? If yes, the Go2Karate® Marketing work book is for just what you need to increase your profits and improve your revenues. Written for fellow martial artists from around the world, this work book underlines the importance of employing a strong, strategic marketing plan.

The Top Three Reasons to Utilize Go2Karate Marketing

There are many reasons to unitize G2K™ marketing campaign but at the end of the day it comes down to three reasons why our clients believe in the marketing system.

• High Volume Of Quality Leads

      = a higher NPV + LTV = the best ROI in the industry. This means that a school will increase their Net Profit Value and their clients Lifetime Value for a strong Return on Investment. The key with Go2Karate is quality lead generation.

• Own your local Online Market Real Estate. That’s right, you need to own page one and be King of Content. You can’t just be found online, you need a company that cross markets your brand with multiple marketing techniques.

• Increased Revenues = less stress, more relax time, financial freedom and a well rounded business that will have REAL value in business so that it may be able to one day be sold.

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book graphic Krav Changing Lives – Krav Maga

New E-book ‘Changing Lives – Krav Maga’ Highlights Importance of Self Defense with Detailed Tutorials

Leading Virginia Beach based Krav Maga institute, Changing Lives, recently released a detailed e-book highlighting the importance of self defense and the benefits of learning the effective combat skill. Aimed at civilians, law enforcement officers and military personnel, the e-book highlights different aspects of using Krav Maga in real life situations and also highlights different ways to train and brush up on self defense techniques. 

PRWEB, March 25th, 2014 – Changing Lives – Krav Maga, a leading institute in Virginia Beach, is now offering a brand new e-book with a comprehensive guide on Krav Maga. Highlighting both theoretical and practical aspects of the fighting technique, this e-book is geared towards individuals interested in learning this form of combat. The e-book is currently being offered to men and women seeking fitness and self defense techniques in Krav Maga. The e-book begins with a detailed introduction to the principles and major techniques of the martial art, along with its core beliefs and the benefits of practicing Krav Maga regularly.

The e-book, Changing Lives – Krav Maga, is also inclusive of multiple training cycles based on experience and competency level. Beginning with an introductory lesson on Krav Maga, the e-book highlights several reality-based scenarios with detailed instructions on subduing dangers. Highlighting the main concepts of the training cycle, the introduction of the e-book is inclusive of physical applications of Krav Maga tactics and techniques as well as using them in a variety of scenarios including ATMs, homes and in public places. Changing Lives – Krav Maga is inclusive of further chapters that highlight intermediate to advanced training cycles and highlight different aspects of each tactic.

Boot camps are also highlighted in the e-book with unique tips on maintaining fitness. The e-book closely highlights the mental and physical aspects of Krav Maga training. Owing to its intense nature, Krav Maga requires a high level of mental alertness, physical assertion and impeccable coordination. Changing Lives – Krav Maga highlights these different aspects and stressing on the importance of muscle memory, achieved through repetitive training. The e-book also discusses a number of important subjects like emotional battle scars and dealing with difficult situations with tact and assertiveness.

With efforts to help confront fears and build self confidence, this e-book highlights a number of benefits of taking up Krav Maga. Apart from helping build self-esteem and physical confidence, Krav Maga is known to be a building block for mindfulness, presence of mind and decision making. The e-book also highlights a number of emotional advantages offered by muscle memory, allowing men and women to handle confrontation and physically dangerous situations with a cool and collected mindset.

About Changing Lives Krav Maga

Based in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Changing Lives Martial Arts and Krav Maga is a popular training institute for Krav Maga. Multiple programs designed for self-defense, law enforcement and military, the training center also teaches fighting and defense techniques to men and women. An ideal form of exercise, Krav Maga is useful for combat, defense and fitness with unique training programs designed for different physical goals.

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book graphic puzzle Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business

Entrepreneur and Business Guru Tracy Lee Thomas Releases ‘Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business’

‘Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business’ is the new offering by marketing guru Tracy Lee Thomas. This new e-book highlights different aspects of business, using them in unison to create an effective and profitable business model. Focusing on multiple aspects, beginning from setting up the business to forming the right strategies for all situations, this helpful and comprehensive guide is geared towards potential entrepreneurs and start-ups.

PRWEB, March 25th, 2014 – Having penned several successful e-books, online marketing expert and seasoned entrepreneur, Tracy Lee Thomas, is now offering a brand new guide on business management. Highlighting all aspects of business, this e-book is inclusive of handling each of the aspects separately and collectively. Aimed at new businesses and entrepreneurs, ‘Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business’ offers the right advice on creating businesses that can withstand turbulence and succeed even in the most difficult of economies. This e-book serves as a roadmap for beginners by highlighting the importance of a solid and sound business plan.

A step by step guide on planning, executing and running a new business, this e-book also covers different technical aspects like form processes, communication, exit strategies and marketing. With the aim of helping business beat competition and create a large, loyal and steadily expanding customer base, ‘Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business’ is a helpful and comprehensive business guide for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Highlighting all the important aspects of setting up a lasting business model, this e-book focuses on the importance of a resilient business plan. Offering simple tips and guidance on choosing the right business model, the e-book also dwells into the details of creating and designing a business flowchart. Additionally, to help flag off the business model, ‘Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business’ offers helpful guidance on creating marketing plans. Highlighting the importance of first contact with customers, these tutorials and guides are helpful in making a positive and lasting impression while turning leads into longstanding customers.

Helping new businesses gain an edge in the ever competitive market, this e-book also highlights several other subjects like finding the unique selling proposition and offering the best client care. Handling the right services and products and holding successful referral programs are also credited to expanding businesses, helping them gain footing. Additionally, subject like extensions, renewals and profit figures are also addressed in ‘Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business’. To complete the comprehensive and realistic take on business development and execution, ‘Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business’ offers helpful and practical guidance on exit strategies, recoveries and barriers.

About Tracy Lee Thomas

Starting a business at the age of 17, Tracy Lee Thomas is a veritable expert in business, entrepreneurship and marketing. Heading six unique corporations today, Tracy set up his premier marketing company in the 1990s. Since then, he has penned several books and guides on different aspects of business with the intention of helping new entrepreneurs and start-ups with the right branding and marketing concepts.

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book graphic cutting Cutting Edge to Success

Tracy Lee Thomas Releases Personal Development and Time Management Guide ‘Cutting Edge To Success’

Business leader, Tracy Lee Thomas, recently released his new book ‘Cutting Edge To Success?’ with the aim of providing the right guidance on time management and personal development. This e-book highlights the importance of personal growth and development while providing practical and helpful tips on time management, will power, self control, productive thinking and stress management. A comprehensive guide on becoming a successful entrepreneur, this e-book highlights important traits and characteristics to facilitate positive change and growth. 

PRWEB, March 25th, 2014 – Successful businessman and online marketing guru, Tracy Lee Thomas, released yet another comprehensive guide on personal development. The e-book ‘Cutting Edge To Success?’ highlights different aspects of becoming a success story by targeting the most important qualities. Mainly a personal development and time management guide, this comprehensive e-book is aimed at entrepreneurs and start-up owners in efforts to help them become more effective leaders. Offering simple and practical techniques on harboring the best habits, ‘Cutting Edge To Success?’ is an easy to follow guide.

One of the biggest highlights of this e-book is the increased focus on personal development. By helping nurture the right set of skills, entrepreneurs can become better leaders. With encouragement to find a unique business style, this e-book is inclusive of a detailed chapter on time management. Following these simple and effective strategies are going to prove helpful to new professionals. The e-book ‘Cutting Edge To Success?’, also highlights the importance of constant change and improvement as well as enhancing will power and self control.

Focusing on the fact that businesses should mold themselves according to the world and not vice versa, this e-book also encourages productive thinking. Offering helpful instructions on aiding positive and productive thinking, this e-book also draws attention to the importance of motivation. With a balanced approach to assertive skills, ‘Cutting Edge To Success?’ is a harmonious guide that gives equal importance to stress management, motivation, and team work. Addressing the real effects and harms of increased stress, this e-book encourages business leaders to keep a cool head and make the right choices.

By offering practice tips on minimizing and effectively managing stress, ‘Cutting Edge To Success?’ is a thoroughly planned out guide that can help entrepreneurs change the way they do business. Understanding that the failure and success of any business lies with the team and not just the leader, this e-book offers a wide range of techniques and tips to successfully handle large teams. The combination of these qualities and effective practices is sure to help potential entrepreneurs and new businesses.

About Tracy Lee Thomas

Known in the marketing industry as an entrepreneurial success story, Tracy Lee Thomas is the successful authors of many business and marketing related books. Additionally, he also heads six different organizations pertaining to marketing and has helped businesses from all niches with effective branding solutions. Starting his first company at the age of 17, Tracy has become a veritable and reputed expert as a marketing guru.

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