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Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts founder, Sr. Master Thomas opened the first Changing Lives Martial Arts Academy in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1991 after serving four years in the military. As a 7th Degree Black Belt, Sr. Master Thomas operates four locations in Hampton Roads. Two serving Chesapeake and Two serving Virginia Beach. Working hard to Change Lives and bring the Martial Arts awareness to community members, he has become a City Wide “Partners In Education” with the public school system. As the President and CEO of four successful martial arts academies Master Thomas has implemented teaching systems, marketing, sales and operational systems into martial arts school across the nation utilizing the combined knowledge that has been derived from the success of multiple corporations in multiple industries.

Changing Lives Martial Arts Locations Info

Princess Anne
Phone: 757-471-9002

Red Mill Walk
Phone: 757-563-9022

Phone: 757-382-9022

Edinburgh Commons
Phone: 757-432-9022

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