Congratulations Grand Master Droege!

Grand Master Todd Droege

Congratulations, Grand Master Todd Droege, on being awarded Go2Karate’s Lifetime Recognition Award!

January is here and we are VERY proud to announce this month’s award. The award goes to Grand Master Todd Droege, the Founder of Tactical Martial Arts in Marietta, Georgia. He began his Martial Arts journey, specifically TKD, at nine years old while living in Northern KY. Grand Master earned his 1st-degree black belt in 1977 and became a National Champion and three-time world champion in sparring. He was among the youngest Master’s inducted into the ATA Hall of Fame. Grand Master has traveled throughout the World, from Portugal to the Netherlands, South Africa, South America, and across the United States. Droege has participated in and instructed three videos that were internationally sold through Judo Fanatics in Dynamic Striking.

Please join me in congratulating Grand Master Droege on this lifetime achievement!. Visit his celebratory page here to leave your congratulations!