book graphic ignite Ignite Your Online PresenceAuthor Tracy Lee Thomas Releases New E-Book and Branding Guide ‘Ignite Your Online Performance’

Marketing Guru Tracy Lee Thomas recently released his new e-book ‘Ignite Your Online Performance’, a detailed guide on maximizing ROI through online marketing strategies. An extension of his current expertise in branding and marketing concepts, the new e-book is inclusive of all aspects of maintaining and boosting a business’ online presence. This simple and comprehensive e-book also offers detailed guides on making the right choices and handling each aspect of online marketing and branding carefully.

PRWEB, March 25th , 2014 – As a comprehensive guide to boosting online marketing strategies, marketing expert, Tracy Lee Thomas, recently released a new e-book titled Ignite Your Online Performance. The e-book is inclusive of a practical workbook and several chapters highlighting different aspects of online marketing. Stressing on the importance of creating an online presence, the e-book is set to be geared towards individuals, startups and organizations hoping to revolutionize their marketing and branding strategies. Ignite Your Online Performance highlights 12 key elements of online marketing that can help boost presence.

These 12 elements include everything from website design to reputation management. The initial chapters of the e-book highlight the importance of a strong foundation by building the right website. Helping build a strong presence, the guide also contains many tips and techniques on reputation management, social media marketing as well as research and development for online marketing strategies. Name branding and creating a unique and memorable image for the company is also highlighted as one of the most important stepping stones of a successful online marketing endeavor. Apart from foundational concepts like quality content and branding, this e-book is inclusive of technical nuances of online marketing like SEO.

The latter chapters of Ignite Your Online Performance are inclusive of training and development of online marketing, Google AdWords, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and business consultation. Apart from focusing on gathering more visitors on the website, this e-book also highlights the importance of local marketing. Giving sales utmost importance, the entire e-book is geared towards creating brand curiosity and reputation. The inclusion of engaging video ads and other innovative methods of advertising are also highlighted in Ignite Your Online Performance.

Focusing on the fact that each day, Google gets almost six billion search hits, this e-book is geared towards harnessing the power of SERPs. With the help of smart and low cost marketing methods, corporations can take advantage of Google searches and effectively brand their organization. As a collective, Ignite Your Online Performance is a complete guide to online marketing that handles everything from establishment of online presence, strengthening of marketing and effective monitoring and analyzing results.


About Tracy Lee Thomas

Tracy Lee Thomas is an accomplished entrepreneur who stepped into business at the young age of 17. Currently handling six different corporations, Tracy established his first marketing company in the late 1990s and has become a veritable online marketing expert over the years. Successfully managing and executing excellent business concepts as well as marketing for all niches of businesses, Tracy Lee Thomas has earned the status of Marketing Guru with innovative marketing solutions as well as new and effective online strategies.

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