What is ouR-Card™

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ouR-Card™ is an interactive digital business card, business coupon, invitation or mini website, informative message that you can text, email, post, pin, share and more. ouR-Card™ provides a top tier service with a FREE landing page that can be visited via a computer as well as mobile devices bringing the mobile marketing to your business. ouR-Card™ is utilized by CEO’s, business owners as coupons, invitations and event listings. Others utilize them for weddings, wedding showers, bachelor parties, baby showers, birthday parties, retirement ceremonies, a new pet or the passing of one as a commemorative card. ouR-Card™ thank you cards can be sent all year long every time you want to say thanks – just drop the link in an email, social site or text and send it. Marketing Guru, Tracy lee Thomas is one of the partnering founders of the unique and successful system called ouR-Card™.

Customers can interact and stay connected with you:

  • Text your ouR-Card™ business card to anyone
  • They can call you from your ouR-Card™
  • Email you directly from your ouR-Card™
  • View your social sites
  • Share a link
  • Provide a separate landing website page to promote the main website
  • Take advantage of a ouR-Card™ digital coupon or industry specific content
  • Video channel link
  • Sound Track link
  • Virtual Business Card
  • Digital Business Coupons shared on social sites and with others
  • Google map will open-your customer can find you

How ouR-Card™ can become Your Card:

  • Mobile ouR-Card™ has a link to your business website to increase traffic, leads and sales
  • ouR-Card™ generates a backlink and is optimized to send your ouR-card™ visitor to your website, increasing your Alexa and organic ranking structure
  • ouR-Card™ auto dials with one click – your customers have easy access to you at any time
  • Stay connected with social sites – ouR-Card™ links to your social sites
  • Your customer won’t have to search for your email – ouR-Card™ will populate your email for them to send a message to you
  • Have a special offer this week or are you informing your clients of some industry specific information? ouR-Card™ can be utilized as a coupon
  • Video channel – ouR-Card™ can connect customers to your welcome, sales, or introduction video with a single click
  • Your clients can find you- ouR Card™ will have map function allowing your customer to find you easier

How are others using ouR-Card™?

All of the ouR-Card™ products can be sent or placed via text, email, shared on social sites, placed on websites, placed in the contacts on a phone, or on marketing sites across the web. Tracy Thomas recommends ouR-Card™ for both the consumer and business owner as a viable source to announce, communicate, and for businesses- Grow Your Business!

  • Personal Contact Card- Send your friends an ouR-Card™ and they have all your contact information.
  • Business Card- Its about building relationships and staying connected to your company’s clients. ouR-Card™ does just that! It keeps them coming back to you!
  • Digital Coupon- Utilize ouR-Card™ for a multitude of coupons that will generate a strong ROI
  • Weddings- Notify your family and friends with a personalized Wedding ouR-Card™. They can even RSVP via and email, text, call or via a social site set-up for your wedding.
  • Invitations- Have an event? Invite everyone via ouR-Card™ with a professional invitation that has all the means of communicating to them and back to you.
  • Announcements- If its time to make an announcement with ouR-Card™
  • Military Retirement Ceremonies- Honor those that served with a Military styled ouR-Card™
  • Launch of a New Product or Service- Let the world know about your product and service.
  • News & Events- If its time to spread the news or an event, take it viral with ouR-Card.
  • Sports- Did your child earn his/her black belt? Did they make the team nationals? Let others know how proud you are with ouR-Card™
  • Birthday Parties- If it’s a surprise or not, ouR-Card™ will make a Birthday Special!
  • Birthday Cards- Send a personalized Birthday ouR-Card™ and show them you remembered.
  • Thank You Cards- A Thank You card that can be used over and over!
  • Anniversaries- ouR-Card™ loves to be a part of an anniversary.
  • Corporate Team Building Events- Pump up the Team Building with ouR-Card™
  • Corporate Parties- Having a party? Let ouR-Card™ work the party for you.
  • Baby Showers- Nothing is as special as a new baby on the way! ouR-Card™ can assist with your scheduling and RSVP.
  • Pets- Have a new pet? Let your family and friends know with video or image on ouR-Card™
  • Video Card- Do you want to send a video to a group or business? ouR-Card™ is standing by!
  • Sound Card- need to send a message to family, friends, clients? Sing a song or send a message.
  • Live Video- Business, projects, pets, fun, via a video stream on ouR-Card™

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