Review: Bethany+ P+Felids++

  • This book can be a quick read, but do not let that stop you from absorbing what is useful. There are so many business diamonds in each of the chapters that will help you build a solid and attractive online presence for our business. I enjoyed the information on how to and why to build a brand. But what was the most informative for me was the insightful information on developing strategies behind Customer Relationship Management. Definitely I highly recommend Go2Karate Marketing Guide, Uniting People With Martial Arts Schools Around The World, by Tracy Lee Thomas.

Review: Mason+ Davis+

  • Mason Davis
    STACKING THE SUCCESS, Business Secrets to Growing Your Business Today Online”, by Tracy Lee Thomas, Is an interesting book based on Tracy real world experience; he shares also the recipes and productivity tips he discovered and developed along the way while building his business.
    The book also covers mindset as well as practical day to day tips for running your business today online. Thank you, Tracy for helping me look at this in a more efficient, productive and potentially lucrative way.

Review: Chloe Moore+

  • "STACKING THE SUCCESS, Business Secrets to Growing Your Business Today Online”, by Tracy Lee Thomas
    I really enjoy this book. I have considered creating my website for my business for a long time. All the information you need to grow your business online is included in this book. It is a great reference to what you need to do to begin to operate a successful online business. I am happy I purchased it.

Review: Ella Brown

  • This is really a brilliant book/guide by Tracy Lee Thomas .It is one of the most complete books on marketing that I have read so far. I would recommend Go2it Marketing Guide to every new marketer in this field because the style of writing captures so much information yet makes for effortless reading. So much so that I deliberately had to pace the book over a few days so that I could sleep on it a few nights to truly embed its contents. Highly recommended.