Review: Toby Milroy

Toby Milroy

There are VERY few people in the Martial Arts Industry who really know how to truly leverage the marketing power of the internet. Even fewer yet, who can actually execute the plan. There is an awful lot of REALLY bad advice and shoddy services in our industry, especially when it comes to internet marketing. But Master Thomas and his team of developers are true professionals who are delivering REAL results for their clients. Whether you need a website that delivers new prospective students to your door, online marketing services (SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click Management etc…) or social couponing (Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local etc…), Tracy Thomas and Go2Karate Sites are now our “go to guys”. The Go2Karate team have “cracked the code” on getting traffic to your site, and getting it converted into intros and paying students. I’m HIGHLY recommending the Go2Karate systems for all our NAPMA members, Coaching Clients and frankly, any school owner. Master Toby Milroy