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  • “Life’s Snapshots, Quotes That Capture The Essence Of Life”, by Tracy Lee Thomas is a marvelous collection which makes you see the life positively, as well as give you something to think about!
    I highly recommend it.

  • I have read one of the best book Go2It
    This book is on marketing . This book help me each and everytime . Best book .
    Highly recommend

  • I highly recommend reading this excellent, all-encompassing sales guide!
    Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business, by Tracy Lee Thomas is clear and powerful book and the ideas he shares are straightforward, easy to implement with the right effort and will lift the user to greater heights in their selling efforts.

  • "STACKING THE SUCCESS, Business Secrets to Growing Your Business Today Online”, by Tracy Lee Thomas, explains in detail and easy way how to use real-world strategies and tactics that work to grow your business online. I highly recommend it! Don’t miss out on the wisdom in this book. I wish I read it sooner so I could have avoided some of the mistakes I’ve made.
    Definitely worth every penny.

  • Highly recommend!
    “Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Lives, The First Step On A Journey Into Martial Arts Starts Today”, by Tracy Lee Thomas, I can tell you, is one of the best books I've ever read on the Martial Arts.
    It’s a quick read book right to the point. I particularly like the fact that it covers a lot of detailed information very commonly left out of every other publication out there. I have this book on my list of must reads for martial arts trainers and students.

  • Go2It Marketing Guide by Tracy L Thomas is an amazing book and guide for everybody that is looking to begin building its own business today in the world of online marketing.
    I really found the book so interesting and useful! I highly recommend it, it's definitely a must to have!

  • This book is eye opening in many ways! I found out that I did know many aspects of martial arts is,
    I feel as if this book has allowed me to look at life and interaction with things and people around me in a completely different way than how I did before I read this book.
    I understood that through martial arts you can change your life completely!
    While reading “Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Lives
    The First Step On A Journey Into Martial Arts Starts Today”, by Tracy Lee Thomas you'll realize martial arts from holistic point of view, is the single most comprehensive way of leading a good, healthy, happy and safe life!
    Read it, and you will see by yourself!

  • We’ve had over 80 people come in as a result of working with Tracy Thomas and Rev Marketing, so far. Many have converted to membership of various types. We’ve enrolled leads 6 into 1 year programs. That’s a 50% conversion rate! Facts: Enrolled 20 new clients so far out of the 80 which is $60,000 annually. We have leveled-up 6 to a higher level Tactical MA Program for an additional $2,500 each = $15,000 for a total added revenue to our annual amount of $75,000! Thank you Tracy Thomas and Rev Marketing

  • Mason Davis
    STACKING THE SUCCESS, Business Secrets to Growing Your Business Today Online”, by Tracy Lee Thomas, Is an interesting book based on Tracy real world experience; he shares also the recipes and productivity tips he discovered and developed along the way while building his business.
    The book also covers mindset as well as practical day to day tips for running your business today online. Thank you, Tracy for helping me look at this in a more efficient, productive and potentially lucrative way.

  • Well, STACKING THE SUCCESS was an amazing and simple read. I purchased one for three of my marketing agency employees. We have implemented the author's STACK and love it. Thank you Tracy!!!

  • Go2It Marketing Guide by Tracy Lee Thomas
    Absolutely blown away by this book. I've worked in the marketing and sales industry for many years, and this should be recommended reading for anyone thinking of working in the sector.
    As well a great book for the ones who are eager to be successful running their own business.

  • "Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Lives
    The First Step On A Journey Into Martial Arts Starts Today", by Tracy Lee Thomas is a must to have!
    This book is very relevant for regaining control of your life, whatever your background.
    I can say as a martial artist and medical student, this book has true wisdom.
    Highly recommend to anyone!

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