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  • For me, Go2It Marketing Guide by Tracy Lee Thomas this book really gave me the information I needed to get to the next step with business.
    His insight, knowledge, tips and strategies are all so valuable (each and every one) that it makes sense for anyone who is looking to grow its own business online.

  • Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business
    Every Piece Properly Placed Counts by Tracy Lee Thomas is a very straight forward and useful book. Easy to understand and apply. Simple concepts to apply. I highly recommend all sales managers buy for their teams and individual reps buy on their own!! Five stars!

  • We’ve had over 80 people come in as a result of working with Tracy Thomas and Rev Marketing, so far. Many have converted to membership of various types. We’ve enrolled leads 6 into 1 year programs. That’s a 50% conversion rate! Facts: Enrolled 20 new clients so far out of the 80 which is $60,000 annually. We have leveled-up 6 to a higher level Tactical MA Program for an additional $2,500 each = $15,000 for a total added revenue to our annual amount of $75,000! Thank you Tracy Thomas and Rev Marketing

  • Well worth the time spent reading it. Tracy Lee Thomas deals with the topic very practically and with some great strategies behind Customer Relationship Management.
    I highly recommend Go2Karate Marketing Guide, Uniting People With Martial Arts Schools Around The World, for the entrepreneurs who are actively involved in the martial arts side of the business, and as well the ones that are willing to be.

  • We have been working with Tracy Lee Thomas and Rev Marketing and our experience has been very positive.  

    Knowing Tracy Lee Thomas for many years I can say without a doubt that his business acumen and keenness is unrivaled in the martial arts industry. Well, for that matter in any industry.

    He has very helpful and very professional people on his team.

    Chief Master Ozuna

    8th Degree Black belt in Songahm Taekwondo (ATA), with 6 schools in Florida (Martial Arts System- MAS).

  • I thought the Go2It Marketing Guide was a great basic overview of marketing and how I can add this to my business marketing plan. I would suggest business owners to read this book.

  • Personally, I found this book authored by Tracy L Thomas a good read on placing valuable pieces of my business together.
    I have read many sales books over the past 5 years, and this by far stands out as one of the best. I would recommend for everybody to read Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business, is clear and powerful book and easy to implement for any sales person or a business owner.

  • I signed up for the free webinar on success steps by Tracy Thomas. I was impressed at how well this book connected to me and my life as an entrepreneur. Yes, I would recommend everyone to read the book Want To Be Successful.

  • “Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Lives, The First Step On A Journey Into Martial Arts Starts Today”, by Tracy Lee Thomas is and excellent book, easy to understand!
    I’d recommend this book for those who are interested in how martial arts can positively change lives.
    The book is short, readable, and offers some interesting "food" for thought.

  • This book can be a quick read, but do not let that stop you from absorbing what is useful. There are so many business diamonds in each of the chapters that will help you build a solid and attractive online presence for our business. I enjoyed the information on how to and why to build a brand. But what was the most informative for me was the insightful information on developing strategies behind Customer Relationship Management. Definitely I highly recommend Go2Karate Marketing Guide, Uniting People With Martial Arts Schools Around The World, by Tracy Lee Thomas.

  • Go2It Marketing Guide by Tracy Lee Thomas is definitely a good read about marketing trends and strategies to apply. Concise and well written. This book was very helpful and motivating for me. It makes me understand how important is for a business to prepare and develop a marketing plan for its business. I highly recommend this book.

  • What a book!
    “Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Lives, The First Step On A Journey Into Martial Arts Starts Today”, by Tracy Lee Thomas, it’s really a good book, the one that is perfect for me as I am an instructor in Detroit.
    I've found this book useful in helping me to have the words and functions I need to put into words what I know from experience. The book is in my list to must-read for my students. It will help them to find a new journey into martial arts, becoming a better human.

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