Safety In Business Is Profitable

Safety Is Profitable


Greg Moody:  All right, welcome everybody. This is Greg Moody and Tracy Thomas here. We’re going to be talking about safety in business and how that is profitable for you to be really concerned about making sure you develop safety programs in your business.

Tracy Thomas: Yeah. Welcome everyone. And like Greg was saying, we’re kind of excited about talking about this topic specifically to the business owners out there, because we know that everything from mitigating liability to improving your profit margins, by making your work environment a safer and happier place. It can be easy to do sometimes and sometimes a little bit of a challenge, but it just really depends on your approach. So maybe we talk a little bit about that.

Greg Moody: Yeah. I think it’s kind of interesting because most people, I think nowadays, know you and I as working with them on their business and helping them with their return on investment, helping them with their marketing and doing business consulting with them. But we met in martial arts, we’ve been martial artists for 30 years and been in business as martial artists for that long. And so we’ve got a long background in safety and education and safety. So it’s really a topic that’s close to our hearts and we really care about it a lot because we know that when people are feeling safe, then they’re going to be happier in the rest of their environment.

Tracy Thomas: Well, and your background. Dr. Moody, talk a little bit about your background for those out listening in right now this is kind of an area expertise of his and go ahead, Greg.

Greg Moody: Well, the work I did because of my martial arts background, all my work and my doctoral program was in bullying and how that affected both kids and adults. And so we’re going to talk a little bit about how that matters in the workplace, and it’s really important to understand how that’s different from other kinds of conflict. So let’s kind of get to it.  We’ve got different kinds of safety issues that might be covered and really in our companies, in our work that we do, we do training in all of these areas, but it’s important for a business owner to understand the difference between the different types and levels of safety issues that they may be having to worry about or encounter. And I think that sometimes business owners just worry about one of them, but we talked about conflict first. So that means you have to have conflict resolution training, and you might not think you have much of this, but almost every business has quite a bit of conflict. The average employee in a business has 2.8 hours per week that they’re in conflict. That’s a pretty staggering number.

Tracy Thomas: Yeah. That’s a big loss to the company and it’s a stressful environment for the employees and upper management.

Greg Moody:  Yeah. They’re, number one, as you said, they’re losing 2.9 hours a week because that can’t be productive. That’s not productive time that they’re getting out the employee, but also that employee’s going to be a lot more stressed. They’re not going to be as productive. So what we know is, is when we improve the employee’s ability to resolve conflict between each other- now this isn’t team building this isn’t other kinds of management training, it’s just simply helping employees resolve conflict between each other. We know that productivity goes up and that helps your bottom line, that helps your income. And one thing that Tracy and I were talking about before this podcast was, bullying kind of falls in a lot of times with conflict resolution. And we’ll talk about this more at a different podcast, because it’s a big subject, bullying and conflict are two different things.

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