Superior Operation Solutions, Inc.

Providing S.O.S. services to small businesses 24-7

About us: 

Superior Operation Solutions, Inc. is Virginia based corporation that was built to assist martial arts school owners and small businesses by martial artists. World renowned martial artists and master instructors, Chief Master Cesar Ozuna, Sr. Master Tracy Lee Thomas and Sr. Master Greg Moody have combined their years of experience in martial arts and business to bring you the school owner, a Superior Operation Solution system that will grow your business and martial arts skill set. Whether a new school owner or a high level operator SOS24-7™ is here to serve you and your business.

Business Solutions

SOS has a perfect selection of product and services to enhance the martial arts school owners specific needs.

a)    Martial Arts Business in a Box

  • Phone Scripts
  • Sales presentations
  • Curriculum
  • Day to day operational procedures
  • Visual flow charts
  • Training Video’s
  • Employee Documents
  • Employee Training

b)   Business Coaching and Consulting Services

  • Group coaching sessions
  • One on one consulting
  • SOS to your business to train your team

2.   Martial Art Solutions

At Superior Operation Solutions we have a wide variety Martial Art solutions that work very well for our clientele providing them with a ratio blend of tradition and modern martial art solutions. Like a fine timepiece, each gear in business serves a valuable role and is built with a specific purpose in mind.

a)    Martial Arts Instructional Training

b)   Superior Class Structure Systems

c)    Martial Arts Curriculum Management

d)   Martial Arts Coaching and Consulting Services

  • Group coaching sessions for
  • One on one consulting
  • SOS to your martial arts academy train your team

3.    Coaching 

Superior Operation Solutions, Inc. is creating Regional Developers as SOS Affiliates worldwide. SOS coaches are becoming more than a top-notch operator, they are becoming great martial art leaders and mentors for people around the world. SOS trains their coaches to train school owners and their employees while positively impacting martial artists with their passion.

a)    Business Coaching

b)   Sales Coaching

c)    Martial Arts Coaching

d)   Seminar Coaching

Coming Soon!

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