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Grow Your Wine Tasting with a State of Art Website

Why your Wine Business needs a website

According to research by the Wine Institute, the consumption of wine has been increasing over the years. In 2014, the trend was the highest. With the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, like every other industry, the wine industry took a turn. However, wineries with a website couldn’t stop even amidst this pandemic. What is the reason for that?

Let’s talk about why your wine business needs a website.

The wine business is booming in ECommerce

We all know the benefits of ordering online. You don’t have to leave the house or interact with any other person. Moreover, this was quite impossible decades ago. Thanks to the ECommerce and digital world, we can now live a life that was only once an idea.

There are a bunch of benefits wineries are having by joining the ECommerce website marketing platforms. Firstly, no one has to move to their nearest store just to see that it’s closed. As a business, you should understand the importance of getting a website for your Wine business. Your website can help you with wine sales, memberships, wine clubs, wine tastings, weddings, events, and even more online 24/7.

Therefore, let’s talk about why your wine business must own a website in 2020.

The Importance of a Website for wineries

1.     Brand Visibility

Most of the buyers would shop online nowadays. Having a wine website would mean that your products will meet 89% of people who are buying online. It’s your choice whether you want to want to join the 11% or 89%. Building a winery website can surely bring more visitors and traffic to your business. In other words, not only you’re getting traffic, but your winery is getting recognition + visibility.

Creating a website for your wine business can help in promoting and competing for some of the most successful wineries out there.

2.     Marketing is the Key to Success

Marketing is what makes a business successful. We don’t need to explain it, but for most businesses to survive, marketing is essential. Having an agreement or retainer with a marketing agency can drive sales, improve traffic, and promote your business to become a brand and enhance profit margins.

What most people don’t realize is the fact that a website is your business in the digital world. Without a proper online presence, your wine business has a harder future.

3.     Targeting the People to Drive sales + Listening to the Audience

When it comes to the online world, the greatest power we have is to target the right audience. Having a Rev Marketing website can help you in building a community that is solely interested in your products and business.

With that aside, you can get feedback. The more you listen to your audience, the more room for the betterment you get. As a winery, you can get feedback and roll out different products accordingly. This will help you in driving sales, targeting the right audience, and getting the feedback for your future benefit.

How to be successful in the online wine business?

The best way to engage the audience and drive sales is to create a blog. Post regularly, and refer your website to various articles. This will increase the traffic, and then you can contact a marketing agency to convert those visitors into customers.

If you want to website designing, developing, blog integration, marketing agency, RevMarketing has been working to deliver the most impactful results out there.

Founder | Rev Marketing

Tracy Lee Thomas


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Online Marketing for Wineries

Online Marketing for Wineries –

The Top 3 Marketing Techniques

As the world transitions towards a digital age, new marketing and strategies are rolled out. From SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, to the use of influencers, your winery needs an online marketing strategy.

It allows you to connect with your target audience and drive maximum sales to build a long-lasting reputation – as a brand. Without any further discussion, let’s dive straight into the hottest online marketing methods for wineries.

The top marketing methods for wineries

1.     Email Marketing

To generate leads, Email Marketing is one of the most viable and impactful methods. The ROI it offers is UNREAL! So what is an Email Marketing method? By setting up a newsletter for your potential customers, you can get a list of subscribers from your websites.

These subscribers are the people that are heavily interested in your brand. Moreover, these are the people you want to target when it comes to email marketing. By hiring an agency for your brand, you can drive some serious sales.

The main job of digital marketing agencies is to capture the potential subscribers and sending them regular emails that are also known as the sales copy. Email marketing is the perfect way for your business to get connected with your audience.

2. Social media marketing

When it comes to driving sales, social media is the king. As a winery business, you need the most appropriate and ROI friendly tools out there. Social media marketing is one of the tools. The great thing about running a marketing campaign on social media is because you can easily find out people’s interests, profiles, ages, and the group you want to target.

By hiring digital marketing experts, you will not only be paying them for making the name of your brand, but a social media marketing agency is responsible for driving the sales.

As a wine business owner, you must understand what being online means and what’s the importance of running a marketing campaign. The best direct way to interact with your customers is by social media. If you want to build a loyal audience of people, you already know where to go. Hire RevMarketing for social media marketing experts.

3.     The Power of SEO/Organic Traffic

SEO is probably the most cost-friendly and better ROI method when it comes to marketing. It is the process of making your website search engine friendly to make Google rank your website.

For example, when people search for ‘Buy Wine in Virginia’ if you’re a Virginia based business, your website should pop in the search results. This will drive traffic alongside the sales itself. Moreover, 89% of people start their shopping experience online. Therefore, SEO is probably one of the most important marketing methods your winery business needs right now. Once site does show, does it convert? All questions Rev Marketing can help you and your wine business answer.

Rev Marketing can help you create an Ideal Digital Marketing Plan

Do you want to taste a fresh glass of wine after you finish your ideal marketing campaign? YES, YOU DO! At RevMarketing, we deliver the most cost-effective and appropriate marketing plans according to the size of your business.

Work with us and get a taste of that wine now.

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Why You Should Add Podcast To Your Website – Top 4 Reasons

Why You Should Add Podcast To Your Website – Top 4 Reasons


Most businesses do not understand the value of podcasts. Jampacked with a bunch of information that can be retrieved anywhere, podcasts allow you to share the information in a fun and engaging way.

However, podcasts are also super underrated. Even though there are many podcast platforms like Spotify, Audible, and Google Podcasts, many businesses don’t understand the benefits of hosting podcasts on their websites.

But hold on – there’s a catch. To summarize the whole article in one line, the advantages of hosting your podcast on the website include more traffic, better visibility, engaging, and convenience.

Don’t get us wrong! We are not against the podcast platforms. Our suggestion includes placing the podcast on your website and connecting it to platforms like Google Podcast, Amazon Audible, and Spotify.

Hence, you need a podcast solution for that purpose. Rev Marketing offers some of the most cutting edge services to build you a credible and effective podcast system.

Here are the top reasons why your podcast needs a website:

Top Reasons Your Podcast needs a Website

1.     Brand Awareness

When it comes to the online world, brand awareness matters the most. By adding the podcast to your website, most users will get to know your brand. This is in contrast with your podcast solely hosted on a podcast platform.

Soon enough, your podcast will be shared on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore, this will enable better brand visibility and awareness at the same time.

2.     Search Engine Optimization of your Podcast

For the most part, adding a podcast to your website is a win-win situation. You get double the benefit of just running a blog. By using the power of SEO, you can control and index your Podcast to the top of Google Search Result. Therefore, it can be quite advantageous and would definitely bring tons of loyal fans that you can later convert into loyal customers.

Just consider an example. Imagine that your podcast revolves around “Stoicism”. So when I search “Stoicism Podcast” on Google, it should show your Podcast in the search results. By focusing on SEO, you can target a lot of people and bring a lot of traffic at the same time.

3.     Podcasts are getting popular

According to a study by Statista, the number of podcast listeners is increasing rapidly throughout the world. In 2019, there were around 88 Million Podcast listeners and it is expected to hit the 160 Million mark by 2023.

Our guess here is that, soon enough, the podcast will also become of the most engaging ways to grow various businesses. As the podcast industry has low competition, struggling now will give a long term benefit to you.

4.     Simplicity is the key to success

The more podcast platforms there are, the more confusion it causes. The best way to erase that confusion is by adding a podcast on your website after connecting it to different platforms.

This is just convenient for people as there’s a lot of mess in various podcast platforms. In the complex world of tech, simplicity is the key to success. Therefore, by making the podcast accessible


As you can, there are a lot of reasons to add podcasts to your website. But what does it cost to be successful at this? In our opinion, a lot of marketing and SEO techniques would give never-ending and everlasting benefits. You can get tons of traffic and converting that traffic into leads is something you want to aim for.

Working with a podcast expert agency, you will remove all the hassle of integrating and maintaining podcasts on your website.

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Why Do Websites Matter?

Why do Websites Matter for a Quality Business?

The Importance of Online Presence


In 2020, a successful business must own a website. The reason is simple. Most people are looking for online information when it comes to choosing services or gaining knowledge. When you look at the trends, a large number of websites don’t even have a website of their own. Different studies showcase different results. But by compiling and taking the average, we found out that 40% to 50% of businesses don’t own a website.

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