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Chief Master Ozuna

“8th Degree Black belt in Songahm Taekwondo (ATA), with 6 schools in Florida (Martial Arts System- MAS). At MAS we offer the best martial classes through strong physical training, self defense techniques, sparring of all types according to distance including weapon training. We have created our Tiger program that starts with children aged 2 years old to 7 years old when they move to the regular Junior program. Structure, organization, and great classes are our main strength. I oversee over 300 schools in Latin America, consult with 500 instructors, give seminar in 6 Countries every year and one big Panam Congress and Championship.

We are starting our exposure with Go2Karate.com our experience with Rev Marketing 2 U has been very positive, I have my website with them and did a full year of advertising. Very helpful and very professional people!” – Chief Master Ozuna

Chief Master Droege

CheifMasterDroege Testimonials “We’ve had over 80 people come in as a result of the Groupon campaign from Rev Marketing 2 U and Go2Karate® so far. Many have converted to membership of various types. One thing we’ve found that works well is to have a special Groupon upgrade class. So far we’ve offered two classes and 6 showed up each time. We’ve enrolled leads 6 into 1 year programs. That’s a 50% conversion rate! Facts: Enrolled 20 Students so far out of the 80 on 12 month memberships which is $60,000 annually. We have leveled-up 6 students to our Leadership Program for an additional $2,500 each = $15,000 for a total added revenue to our annual amount of $75,000! Thank you RevMarketing2U.com and Go2Karate®!” – Chief Master Droege

Mr. Saul Fox

saul_fox_foxmusicvb“The Solo Vocal Academy at Fox Music is the premiere choice in Hampton Roads. Our unique concept of combining private instruction and group instruction provides the most effective way to develop vocal technique while learning to perform onstage as a singer and become comfortable communicating with a live audience. Our Popular Music Track focuses on training singers to suit the latest trends in popular music. Our Traditional Music Track offers conservatory quality voice training for traditional styles of music. Whatever style of music you prefer we make vocal training fun in a relaxed, friendly learning environment. Our students build vocal technique and develops self-esteem on-stage through an individually optimized program of study.

Tracy Thomas and RevMarketing2U.com challenged me to go beyond my preconceived ideas about teaching. They inspired, encouraged, and enabled me to develop new and relevant pathways for vocal success in today’s world. These innovative, new programs of voice teaching are empowering an ever-increasing number of students to achieve their singing dreams. RevMarketing 2 U continues to make Fox Music known throughout Hampton Roads. – Mr. Saul Fox

Sr. Master Mark & Master Barbara Sustaire

MB “We have had over 500 people come in as a result of the Groupon campaign with Rev Marketing 2 U and Go2Karate®. This has generated traffic that we would have never been able to duplicate during our 19 years in business. The traffic this has generated in my two schools has been amazing. We have used many different advertising/marketing programs in the past and none of them have given us the results that this one has.

Experiences with bullies led me get involved with ATA at age 17. I was the band nerd, and I’d been picked on, I wanted to learn how to defend myself, and it changed my whole perspective. I have never looked back, and over the past 30 years, Taekwondo for us has developed into a family affair: my wife, Barbara, is also a Master and a 6th Degree Black Belt and my two children are also Black Belts. We have two schools in Allen and McKinney, Texas.” – Sr. Master Mark & Master Barbara Sustaire

Senior Master Tracy Thomas

Master-Thomas-919x1024 “I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Rev Marketing 2 U for building our Changing Lives Martial Arts marketing e-commerce site. This ISN’T just a website its a marketing site that earns us NEW students daily. They have created an amazing system that placed our marketing pieces together for us.

From local searches to a quality built marketing site we now dominate the internet, in our communities. In addition they are managing all of our digital coupons such as Groupon, Living Soical etc. These coupons never worked before on our own. I can truly see the benefit of Go2Karate.com connecting or as they call it, placing the puzzle pieces together 4 U. Over 3,000 Coupons sold and our marketing site is producing new students each day. We give every student a free uniform or Go2Karate® that every student loves. While they use it in town it send people to the Go2Karate® marketing site and they can find our marketing site or our offer on the Go2Karate® site.

I’m excited about what is being done for our Changing Lives Martial Arts school and am told we sold more coupons then any other school in the nation! THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU to Rev Marketing 2 U” – Senior Master Tracy Thomas

Mrs. Elizabeth Leitzke

“I am a 5th Degree in the ATA and have both co-owned and operated several ATA academies since 1988 with my husband. I thoroughly enjoyed instructing my students in Taekwondo and watch them on their journey of success in school, work, relationships and martial arts. The positive changes they wrought in their lives is very gratifying to me and motivated me to hone my own martial arts and instructional skills to benefit my self and my students.

I competed in tournaments and was on the Top Ten in my black belt division. Along the way, I met some amazing female martial artists with tremendous Taekwondo and leadership skills. They motivated and encouraged me to strive higher and work harder. I went through the ranks with predominantly Marines from the Marine Corps Air Station a few minutes from the academy. That experience helped me to develop into a stronger martial artist, both physically and mentally. This later proved to be invaluable in my instructional and martial arts skills. One of my strengths that I brought into Taekwondo was my ability to relate to others very well, thus motivating my students to become their best.

I have a degree in Marketing and Finance and worked for American Express during college and Xerox after graduating. I learned the importance of professionalism and how to conduct myself accordingly with customers and peers. During my time, I learned how to effectively deal with varying personalities. Rev Marketing is a highly professional and qualified company which truly cares about its clients. They strive to help others succeed and is the driving force behind their business. Their website design team is among the best in the industry, their top notch customer service is focused on customer satisfaction and the management team provides excellent consultation to their clients.

Many people confuse that having a website equates to having an effective internet presence and nothing could be further from the truth. Go2Karate.com bridges that gap, making their clients’ websites highly effective marketing tools. This drives tremendous increased prospect traffic to their site and, as a result, to their businesses. Our society and culture are increasingly technology-driven and people will search for information on the internet . It is vital to businesses to have an effective website which has greater ranking and visibility above its competitors. RevMarketing has done and continues to do exactly that for its clients. RevMarketing2U will give you that edge over your competitors.” – Mrs. Elizabeth Leitzke

Master Antonio Rodriguez

rsz_master_rodriguez-456x1024 “Amazing…!!! We are VERY, VERY, happy with the service and results we have received from the Go2Karate® campaign and Rev Marketing 2 U! We trust RM2U 100% to have our schools best interest at heart. So far we’ve had 50 people redeem their Groupon Coupons, and 30 have enrolled in one of our regular programs! This means an extra $60,000 annually for our business! Rev Marketing 2 U manages our website, and we’re VERY HAPPY, because I think now-a-days Online Marketing is one of the most important marketing tools, and this type of marketing is working even better than we ever imagined…!!” – Master Antonio Rodriguez



Mr. Al Herrera

Al-Herrera-Image “I always loved Martial Arts! Like many my age I grew up during the Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris era watching movies and aspiring to be a great martial artist. As I grew up though my life turned in a different direction away from Martial Arts and providing for my wife and children quickly became my priority. In 2004 I brought my youngest son into an ATA school to give him an opportunity to learn. He loved it! In 2005 after attending numerous classes with my son he received his Black Belt. I decided to start classes as an adult and pursue my dream of being a great Martial Artist. During my journey I quickly learned that I enjoyed teaching kids and other adults Songahm Taekwondo. I enjoyed seeing their smiles upon achieving their goals. I earned my Black Belt in 2008 and I began to pursue my certification as an Instructor. In the summer of 2009 I received my certification as an Instructor for the ATA and set my goals to open my own school. In 2013 I opened Glenview ATA Black Belt Academy and continue to enjoy my dream of teaching martial arts and training hard to be a great martial artists.

Using Rev Marketing 2U / Go2Karate Marketing Campaign is a new experience for me and thus far it has been a positive experience. Since the beginning of January 2013, I have had 7 students come in under the campaign. The potential sign ups right now is at 90%. I would definitely continue to use this Marketing campaign!” – Mr. Al Herrera

Mr. Jonathan Frank

Jonathan-Frank-image “We are an ATA school with a 5500 square foot state of the art facility and fitness center. Opening our doors in 2007, we are home to 15 current district champions and 57 state championship titles.

Go2Karate.com Groupon had been our most successful online marketing venture yet. Within 48 hours we received 5 phone call inquiries about our programs. Currently we have 8 students in class after having purchased the 16 class Groupon. We are scheduled to convert reach of these students to fill time status this week.” – Mr. Jonathan Frank

Mr. Jason Dendy

Jason-Dendy-Image-948x1024 “Our experience with RM2U and Go2Karate.com has been great! Our enrollment has gone up, and our internet visibility has increased. Months that would ordinarily be slow for our area have shown a significant increase in enrollment. We are really happy that we decided to go with RM2U. It has helped our business grow, and is certainly worth the investment.

In the past, we have shied away from spending money on marketing because it has never brought in enough to justify the expense. However, after hearing some of the success stories of RM2U from trusted associates, we decided to give it a try. Once the site got up and running, and we started following through with the suggestions of RM2U’s team of professionals, our enrollment jumped; we doubled the past month’s enrollment and exceeded our previous year’s enrollment for the same period. We knew then that this program could work. We are glad to make the investment every month and now we tell our associates about how this marketing program has worked for us.

I feel our marketing program is one of the best out because of RM2U’s Team!” – Mr. Jason Dendy

Mrs. Sandy Petitto

Sandy-Petito-Image-225x300 “My name is Sandy Petitto. I own a Martial Arts studio and a Lazer Tag business. I’ve been in business since 2000 after moving to the Hampton Roads area. Due to the struggling economy, just like many business owners, we trimmed our expenses to increase our viability. However, once working with RM2U we were able to maximize customers visiting our businesses while still watching our budgets. Both of our businesses have increased their sales over the last year. SEO is the new wave of marketing because everyone has and does everything with their smart phones. With RM2U and producing the proper amounts of SEO and ad words, we’ve increased our business. I have many friends in the Martial Arts industry and those working with RM2U have increased and improved their business.” – Mrs. Sandy Petitto

Mr. Steve Allison

Steve-Allison-Image-225x300 “I took my first martial arts class in college and immediately loved it. I was not able to train regularly until I moved to Madison for graduate school in 1992. I have trained since then and started teaching in 1995 after entering the instructor training program. In addition to Taekwondo, I have studied a little bit of Aikido and various weapons systems. I truly believe there is no better activity for you mentally and physically than martial arts. It can truly be a life-long endeavor.

So far I am very pleased with our Go2Karate® Groupon campaign. We have 9 new students with 7 more set to start next week. Hopefully we will convert many of these new “Groupon” students into long-term students. A big Thank You to the RevMarketing2U.com team for their work!” – Mr. Steve Allison

Ms. Allyce McKenna

Allyce-Image-174x300 “Being new to the Changing Lives Martial Arts family, it is easy to see how RevMarketing2U.com has a positive impact on our business. It is exciting to see all of the new members that enroll with us, from Tiny Tigers to Krav Maga. Support with the marketing of Changing Lives Martial Arts helps us to reach those people whose lives we can positively impact! Not only are all of our programs at CLMA seeing a great boost of energy, but we are also seeing a positive financial impact. Because of that, we are able to offer our members a top quality class! Thanks so much, Rev Marketing 2 U, for helping us on our journey here at Changing Lives Martial Arts!” – Ms. Allyce McKenna



Senior Master Paul Leitzke

SeniorMasterLeitzkeImage-200x300 “I am currently the owner of Confidence Martial Arts in Wilmington NC. I have been involved in the American Taekwondo Association for over 33 years, and hold the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt, and title of Senior Master. Since 1985, I have opened over twenty martial arts schools either directly or by motivating his Black Belts. I have a great love for Martial arts, and continue to teach it on a regular basis.

I’m writing this review to give a BIG THANK YOU to RevMarketing2U.com for building our Confidence Martial Arts Marketing site. This isn’t your ordinary website, it’s geared to generate NEW Students, and communicate with them effectively. Their high-tech systems put all of our online marketing together. From local searches to a quality built marketing site we now dominate the internet, in our communities. This strong foundation means that our website produces a steady source of new students each month! In addition they are managing all of our digital coupons such as Groupon, Living Social etc, via their martial arts mega-site Go2Karate. We’re having great luck with this type of marketing.

The team at Rev Marketing 2 U is awesome, and they really care about Confidence Martial Arts success. A HUGE THANK YOU to Rev Marketing 2 U.” – Senior Master Paul Leitzke

Mr. Corey Gunsel

Corey-Gunsel-Image-300x300 “Changing Lives Martial Arts of the Princess Anne are would like to thank RevMarketing2U.com for sending community members to our martial arts facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our Karate for kids classes are so exciting and we have many new students enrolling into both our basic course and instructor programs. Wow! What a difference we have seen with the energy in the classes and the positive results we can see within the community from all of the students enrolling here at our Changing Lives Martial Arts at Princess Anne located in Virginia Beach. We have many new students with our adult martial arts program, karate for kids program and Krav Maga program and we are excited about all that we can do for our martial arts students on their path at CLMA.” – Mr. Corey Gunsel

Senior Master David Kowkabany

kowkabanylogo-300x91 “RM2U is easy to work with, and extremely professional. Their expertise in the field of online marketing is cutting edge, they stay abreast of the latest technology as well as the changes needed to stay up with the constant changes in search engine marketing and optimization. In a year, they took us from page 14 of the search engines, to page 1! Our website before working with RM2U brought in two or three leads per YEAR, and now we get weekly calls… this is in addition to our Groupon sales. Sr. Master Thomas and his staff and the best, very hard-working, and true to their promises. In fact, they have actually provided additional services to us that we didn’t expect, as they were rolling them out to all of their accounts as positive advancements came through with upgrades in their software. Working with RM2U allows us to focus on teaching instead of worrying about handing out cards and flyers.” – Senior Master David Kowkabany

Mr. Thomas Wright

thomas-wright-225x300 “I am a 4th Degree Black Belt in Songahm Taekwondo. My wife and I opened our school almost 4 years ago with the dream of running a traditional, disciplined dojong. Since joining forces with RM2U our student growth has exploded! This helps me run an exciting curriculum as more and more students arrive to learn more about martial arts. RM2U has been the tool I have been looking for. We offer Krav Maga, through Krav Maga Desoto, Songahm Taekwondo, and Fitness Kickboxing classes. On Sundays we have an open mat welcoming Jiujitsu, MMA, Judo, Karate, and other disciplines so we can share training, philosophies and ideas.

Since joining with RM2U and Go2Karate.com our growth is exploding! The Website, designed by Rev Marketing, is driving in leads on a regular basis. Add that to the work of Go2Karate and almost every night we have new visitors coming in for classes. I am looking forward to continued growth through our standards and the wonderful help of RM2U and Go2Karate.” – Mr. Thomas Wright

Mr. Toby Milroy

Milroy_1Milroy_2“There are VERY few people in the Martial Arts Industry who really know how to truly leverage the marketing power of the internet. Even fewer yet, who can actually execute the plan. Master Tracy Thomas and his team at “Go2Karate” are the real deal.
There is an awful lot of REALLY bad advice and shoddy services in our industry, especially when it comes to internet marketing. But Master Thomas and his team of developers are true professionals who are delivering REAL results for their clients. Whether you need a website that delivers new prospective students to your door, online marketing services (SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click Management etc…) or social couponing (Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local etc…), Go2Karate are now our “go to guys”.Milroy_3
The Go2Karate team have “cracked the code” on getting traffic to your site, and getting it converted into intros and paying students. I’m HIGHLY recommending the Go2Karate systems for all our NAPMA members, Coaching Clients and frankly, any school owner. ” – Master Toby Milroy
Chief Operating Officer – NAPMA
National Association of Professional Martial Artists
& Martial Arts Professional Magazine

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