Tracy Explains Why Your Website Matters!

Hey, welcome everyone. This is Tracy Thomas with RevTalks, and I’m here to talk to everybody today about some of their websites and some of the different concerns we’ve been having that we’ve been seeing come through emails and text messages and some of the different platforms we have out there. Basically, when it comes down to a website, there’s websites and there’s marketing platforms, if you will, and not every website’s been built the same. So for most business owners out there, you’re really looking for a solid marketing style website, a website that’s going to do something for you, right? Not something that somebody just built out of the garage or a family or friend built something that… It might even be a web developer, nothing wrong with web designers, web developers building an actual website for you and your business.

However, if they don’t have that marketing background, which hopefully they do, that plays a large role. But if they don’t, it can really seriously hurt you. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that today and kind of go through it. Now, keep in mind, anything we do in our checklist, we have a website checklist we give to people to check out and kind of go through each things, you can go through every single topic and item line by line and kind of look at your site, get an idea of what it looks like and how it’s operating. And then we have some free tools if you come to any one of our free workshops, there’s a bunch of free tools you can get. There’s some paid ones as well that you guys can use and track your website and how well it’s working on a daily basis, whether it’s something as far as keywords, whether it’s search engine optimization, if you’re diving into the deep and you have somebody that’s working analytics, we can even go into a little bit more detail on that.

So I’ll screen share with you a little bit here and show you just a few things we can go through. So I’ll kind of scroll right down through here. It’s a new workbook we’re coming out with. It’s actually been out for a couple years, but it’s a newer updated one. But basically, when we say responsive design, there are still so many… This is kind of an older term. It’s still around, but for the most part, a lot of websites being built now are just automatically responsive because of whether it’s a WordPress or if you’re even some guys that are doing it themselves, their sites don’t really rank the best. But if you got to do it yourself type of website, it’s Wix or GoDaddy, even those themes are responsive now. But there are a lot of websites on the internet right now for business owners that they just don’t know.

And the old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know?” Well, we’re here to tell you, you need to know. You need to make sure that your website is responsive. And we’ll talk a little bit more in detail on that in a second here. But content and design is a big thing. Navigation for users. And then the marketing platform. Do you have a strong ROI on it? How do you calculate your return on your investment? Most larger companies will always manage taking care of return on investment. Smaller businesses sometimes, they don’t pay attention to it. And it’s something that you can really, I mean, you can take your company to the next level just simply by paying attention to that return on the investment.

And let’s go over some of that stuff. This is a rough draft, by the way, this book isn’t released yet. Something I’ll be releasing sometime on the next month or two here. So. And I’m going to only cover some. We can’t go through all of them today. We only get a 20 minute session, so for RevTalks here. But is your website easy to read and displayed well on your cell phone or computer? Basically when it comes to responsive design, you need to look in your area. Now, some people will say, well, mobile is 80, 90% of people using mobile. That’s not a true fact mobile. Most people are using mobile, but not in all areas. So it really depends on where you’re at.

I mean, we have people that are in Miami and then we have people that are in New York. We have people in Ottumwa Iowa. We have people in Racine, Wisconsin. We have Amherst, Virginia. I can sit here and go on. In the rural areas, sometimes that plays a large role and whether they’re on the computer or whether they’re on their mobile device and they still could be purchasing a product or service. So keep that in mind.


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