Author and serial entrepreneur Tracy Lee Thomas announces the release of The Smart Marketer Checklist: A Game-Changing Workshop, a business analysis, and review guide
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Tracy Lee Thomas is again looking to share his wealth of knowledge and experience as a business consultant and entrepreneur with the world as he releases The Smart Marketer Checklist: A Game-Changing Workshop. The book is the last of a five-book series created to empower business owners with the skillset to review and analyze their businesses.

The business environment remains dynamic, and it can sometimes be daunting for entrepreneurs and business owners to keep track of their happenings, especially as they try to stay afloat and compete favorably in their respective industries. Over the years, business consultancies have emerged promising to help their clients grow their revenue in good time. However, many such service providers have failed to deliver as claimed while charging their clients exorbitantly. Consequently, Tracy Lee Thomas aims to put the power in the hands of business owners themselves and liberate them from unreliable consultants.

Tracy Lee Thomas uses the quick and easy book to read to help entrepreneurs understand the basics of doing business, helping to understand the available innovative marketing options and to leverage them to grow. The launch of the book series is particularly timely, considering how businesses across industries struggle to reach their target audience, keeping readers abreast of the latest effective marketing techniques.

The Smart Marketer Checklist: A Game-Changing Workshop is available for free to all interested readers across the globe, allowing them to learn from Tracy’s over 30 years of experience building businesses.

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Tracy Lee Thomas is an author and entrepreneur who has been building businesses for more than three decades as well as creating leaders and stacking success for entrepreneurs. The founder of Rev Marketing, CLMA, Go2 Karate®, and Go2 Firearm Safety has created solutions that have impacted the world positively from different perspectives.

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