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Who Is Tracy Lee Thomas?

For the past 30 years, Tracy has been building businesses, creating leaders and stacking success for entrepreneurs as a serial-entrepreneur himself. He founded Rev Marketing that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses tell their story online in the marketplace to enhance the marketing and grow their business model.

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Tracy Lee Thomas opened his first business as a martial arts instructor as a teenager in Wisconsin. He started martial arts at 13 and just a short time later he was running his own business throughout high school.

Without realization, Tracy was FRAMING his life to be…

He learned quick that Marketing was one of the most important factors in Success Of his Business. Studying all newspaper ads, yellow pages, and every commercial on TV and the radio.

Throughout high school Tracy successfully competed in open tournaments, kickboxing, and boxing. His passion for WINNING in the martial arts and business was just beginning.

His Dream Career

For Tracy Lee Thomas his Dream Career started at age 17 when he opened his first business in Racine, Wisconsin. After coming home from the Gulf War -known by the codename Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Tracy opened a martial arts school and soon after a marketing company that was bringing the story of what businesses were doing to their industry and marketplace.

Today, Tracy is passionately involved with his companies such as CLMA, Rev Marketing, Go2 Karate®, and Go2 Firearm Safety. All of these offering products and services that positively impact this world.

As a serial-entrepreneur, Tracy founded Rev Marketing, an online marketing company that connected Go2Karate® with Groupon® that changed the martial arts industry in lead generation. He literally cracked the code by making an impact in communities around the country.

Today, Tracy Lee Thomas has a focus on his mission and much like his military days and as a Master Martial Arts Instructor this mission is critical to him and his teams. Code V.I.P. is where he consults on how to Validate, Impact and create new Potential in business, financial freedom and other areas in life.

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Rev Marketing is a company that is mission focused for their clientele. Tracy and the co-founders Kelly Thomas, Shane Mitchell and Frank Ford lead the way in online marketing, websites and book publishing for authors. Helping businesses to bring value and have an impact in their marketplace is a niche of Rev Marketing.

Rev Marketing’s mission is to utilize the secret code that has been cracked in business. Utilizing a three-step system called Code V.I.P. with every business, the Rev Team helps businesses grow year after year.

Code V.I.P. is a service that will Validate, have an Impact and create new product, service, and financial Potential that stacks success levels for business owners, authors and many others.

Rev Marketing has an Inner-Circle Team with some of the brightest and the most successful entrepreneurs.

Pay It Forward


Tracy has been about giving back to the community and charities all his life. This was something that was instilled in him by his father who was always seen helping others until the day he passed on January 15th  2012 after battling cancer. His father, Dean E. Thomas was a caring man that would do anything to help anyone and not expect anything in return and these actions led Tracy to carry on that family legacy.

Today, Tracy and his companies support non-profits in many ways and each of the charitable organizations contribute to positively changing lives of those in need.

As a Veteran , Tracy believes in supporting Angel Wings For Veterans and Angel Canine For Wounded Warriors.

Tracy & Kelly Thomas

Personal Life

Author Tracy Lee Thomas

Tracy was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. He is married to the love of his life, Kelly L. Thomas. Tracy and Kelly have raised two wonderful children and of course their wrinkly Shar-Pei.

Over the years we have heard people ask Tracy why he does what he does and for him the answer still remains the same as when his father taught him…

“To positively IMPACT and change the lives for those in businesses so that they can pay it forward inside their communities”.

Book Author Tracy Lee Thomas

As serial-entrepreneur and author of multiple books Tracy offers his books online at Amazon Kindle Direct and
here on TracyLeeThomas.com.

Tracy Lee Thomas


Business Secrets to Growing Your Business Today Online.

The success of your business online isn’t just about building a quality website platform or marketing campaign it is all about stacking the success in a systematic order for higher profit margins.

It is about how you are telling your story using a secret formula that uses real-world strategies and tactics that work.


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Featured Books

Browse through the many titles that Tracy has published.

Tracy L Thomas - Go2it Marketing Guide

Go2It Marketing Guide

Marketing Trends and Strategies

Are you looking to learn more about online marketing? Are you interested in online marketing trends and strategies that will help your business GROW? Order YOUR FREE copy today!

Placing Your Puzzle Pieces Together in Business

Every Piece Properly Placed Counts!

Start off your business with a real-world marketing plan and dive into your business by finding what does and what doesn’t work in your market. Simply click the link below to read more.

Want To Be Successful

Personal Development and Time Management Skills That Will Change Your Life!

Build quality times management skills, personal development skills and learn how you can change your life for the better.

Go2Karate Marketing Guide

Uniting People With Martial Arts Schools Around The World

This book gives insight to business practices he has earned and learned over the years as a multi-serial entrepreneur. If you are actively involved in the martial arts side of the business this book will be a great for for you.

Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Lives

The First Step On A Journey Into Martial Arts Starts Today

This book first appeared on martial arts websites across the country for students to download and see the value of joining a martial arts program. Today this book is on hundreds of sites and has had thousands of downloads.

Life’s Snapshots

Quotes That Capture The Essence Of Life

Life’s Snapshots are exactly that… snapshots of memories and meanings throughout life. Tracy L Thomas provides various quote he has been heard using over the years and brings them to light with a message for the reader.

7 Easy Steps

To an Effective Marketing Strategy

This workbook helps the user identify the seven steps needed to build a compelling marketing story. It will help guide you step by step by step and allow you to build a level of trust and rapport with your customer base.

The Rev Marketing Map & Analysis

Building your Business

This workbook is what every business owner and marketer needs to have a well-developed and well-documented strategy to assist in achieving their goals.

The Conscious Competence Ladder

Understanding The Learning Journey

This workbook is about how we apply our everyday knowledge to our business. It is about the phases of learning; how it affects your business in both the long and short term.

The Smart Marketer Checklist

A Game-Changing Workshop

Marketing methods seem to change, if not daily, then weekly or monthly. This workbook helps to keep the business owner up to date and on track for effective marketing.

Your Personal SWOT Analysis

Your Talents And Opportunities In Business

Analyze your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to become aware of what you need to improve upon to get “your house” in order.

Marketing Assessment Checklist

Marketing That Matters

Shows you how to take a small piece of your time to honestly look at your website and analytics, answer some questions, and see where you and your site stand overall.

The Website Checklist

Improve Your Site – Improve Your Business

The Website Assessment Checklist shows you how to take a small piece of your time to honestly look at your website and analytics, answer some questions, and see where you and your site stand overall.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Know The Value Of Your Clientele

The CLV Calculator shows you how to take the complex approach and make it a more comprehensive but straightforward process. This book offers a simple but very accurate way of analyzing your business.

Elements Of An Organic Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Vs. Tactics Guide

This Organic Marketing Strategy will help you identify and map out your specific objectives, actions needed, and your overall views to achieve your desired goals.

Deciding To Decide

Make The Right Decisions For Personal And Business Success

Making the right decisions more often than the wrong ones and you’ll be successful.This book helps business owners and entrepreneurs do just that.

Psychology Of Violence

Growing Threat Series

This book helps you gain a deeper understanding of violent encounters and how and why they happen. Learn how to stay safe and to never be a victim.

Active Shooter Response Training

Growing Threat Series

Active shooter situations have become more common. This book will give you the tools to increase the likelihood of survival and return safely to your family and loved ones.

Carjacking Response

Growing Threat Series

Carjacking is a terrifying and debilitating experience. This book will give you the skills to be prepared to protect yourself and your property.

College Bound Readiness

Growing Threat Series

For many young people going to college represents the most exciting time of their lives. This freedom comes with many new dangers and risks. Learn how to stay safe.

Anti-Kidnapping & Abduction Training

Growing Threat Series

Thanks to movies and media, many people have an outdated view of kidnapping. This book will help you to be prepared to not be a victim.

Severe Weather Survival

Growing Threat Series

The most crucial element to surviving severe weather is understanding the importance of and possessing the proper mindset. Learn how to protect yourself and your family.

Home Invasion Response Training

Growing Threat Series

Home invasion is a type of burglary in which the criminal enters the home while occupants are inside. This book will prepare you for this very senario.

The Business Of Becoming An Author

The Rev Roadmap Author Start-Up Kit

In these pages you’ll go step by step through everything you need to do from start to finish – even for beginners!

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Are you an entrepreneur and seeking to drive your company forward and Stack The Success Steps?

You may even be like so many others seeking to Crack The Code for your business to Validate, Impact and map out Potential growth and profit margins.

Please listen in on three of our Rev Talks Marketing Secrets podcasts below.

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Podcast 1

Understanding who you are and what you want is our strategy for your brand.

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Podcast 2

Understanding who you are and what you want is our strategy for your brand.

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Podcast 3

Understanding who you are and what you want is our strategy for your brand.


Tracy L Thomas – Author and Coach

We’ve had over 80 people come in as a result of working with Tracy Thomas and Rev Marketing, so far. Many have converted to membership of various types. We’ve enrolled leads 6 into 1 year programs. That’s a 50% conversion rate! Facts: Enrolled 20 new clients so far out of the 80 which is $60,000 annually. We have leveled-up 6 to a higher level Tactical MA Program for an additional $2,500 each = $15,000 for a total added revenue to our annual amount of $75,000! Thank you Tracy Thomas and Rev Marketing

“Tracy L Thomas is easy to work with, and extremely professional. Their expertise in the field of online marketing is cutting edge, they stay abreast of the latest technology as well as the changes needed to stay up with the constant changes in search engine marketing and optimization. In a year, they took us from page 14 of the search engines, to page 1!

Tracy L Thomas and his staff and the best, very hard-working, and true to their promises”. Chief Master David Kowkabany

We have been working with Tracy Lee Thomas and Rev Marketing and our experience has been very positive.

Knowing Tracy Lee Thomas for many years I can say without a doubt that his business acumen and keenness is unrivaled in the martial arts industry. Well, for that matter in any industry.

He has very helpful and very professional people on his team.

Chief Master Ozuna

8th Degree Black belt in Songahm Taekwondo (ATA), with 6 schools in Florida (Martial Arts System- MAS).

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Tracy L Thomas

Tracy L Thomas

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